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Why Hire Us?

 The Pike Road Pros team at KW Montgomery is a team dedicated to Buyer Representation. What does this mean for you? We are here to represent and defend your interests as a buyer to a level that a listing agent can't. It's our duty to ensure that the home you purchase meets your needs, wants, and desires. But more than that, we walk with you through every step of the process. Some of these steps include: Finding the right lender and getting pre-qualified for the loan program that fits YOUR needs best. Making sure that the home you choose has been through all of the inspections necessary to reduce the chance of purchasing a home with latent defects. Preparing a Comp Report on the home you want to make sure you aren't paying too much, and helping you negotiate the deal. Finding a closing attorney, navigating the paperwork, and understanding closing costs, discount points, and more.  

Client Focused. Results Driven. Satisfaction Eminent.

"The difference between "try" and "triumph" is just a little "umph.""

Bonnie Przybylski, Projects Manager W.R. Grace

 Buying a new home should be fun, exciting, a new chapter in your life. But too often, the mountains of paperwork, inspections, and regulations tend to suck the fun right out if it. Home buying doesn't have to be a burden. With the right REALTOR® on your side, you will be able to stay focused on what matters. Pike Road living is all about quality of life, and its our mission to improve yours from day one. The Pike Road Pros team has made your satisfaction our number one priority. We will work hard to make the process as seamless as possible at NO COST to you. Let us take on the stress, so you can enjoy the rest.

Why Do You Need A Buyer's Agent?

When buying a new home, there are so many questions to ask. What year was this home built, and how does that affect my safety? How old is the roof, and how does that affect my homeowner's insurance? What is the price based on, and is it fair market value? Which inspections have been performed and what were the results? How do these results affect my future in this home? With Alabama being a "Buyer Beware" state, the buyer rather than the seller is responsible for finding out any and all pertinent information before closing.

That's where we come in. As Buyer Specialists, we are trained to know all the right questions to ask to ensure that the home you choose is the best fit for you and your family. We are there to fight for you, to find out everything you need to know regarding your new home. Don't get caught off guard. Contact one of our agents today and let us help you be prepared. 

Reach Out to Pike road Pro's and Get a Buyer's agent in your corner today. 

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